1. one that argues for a cause; a supporter or defender, ie: an advocate of models' rights

2. one that pleads on another's behalf; an intercessor: ie: an advocate for victims of model scams

3. one who defends, vindicates, or espouses a cause, ie: an advocate of truth

What are the most common types of model scams? How do modeling agency scams work and how can you avoid becoming the victim of a model scam?

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Modeling scams are easy to detect and avoid if you know what to look for - and the more you know about model scams, the less likely it is that you will be taken advantage of. This site will quickly and easily enable you to separate myths and misconceptions from fact. So take a few minutes to learn the difference between "fair practice" and a modeling agency scam and save yourself a lot of time, money and heartache.

Modeling agency scams are quite common in all fifty states but especially in California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Texas

Just because someone has a modeling agency license does NOT mean you can assume they are legit. In fact, a very high percentage of modeling agenices operate in complete disregard of state laws that were created to LIMIT model/talent agencies as to what they can do to make money.

New York, California and Florida all have specific laws that make ILLEGAL for a booking agency to ask you for money for training, classes, photography services, portfolios, comp cards, etc. while - in all other states - model scams generally fall under the much broader category of consumer fraud.) New York, Californa and Florida ALSO have specific laws that prohibit "a person" from being "engaged in" the business of booking models and talent without first procuring a Talent Agency License no matter what title they go by - associate, agent, manager, employee, etc.

Click HERE to see the FLORIDA STATE LAW that makes it illegal for Florida model/talent agencies to make false promises, "split fees" with photographers or to ask you for money for training, classes, workshops, photo sessions, portfolios, comp cards, etc.

Click HERE to see the Florida State Law (pay close attention to Part 1 and Part 9) that makes it illegal for someone to be involved in the booking of models and talent without first procuring a Talent Agency License no matter what title they go by - associate, agent, manager, employee, etc.

How to detect and avoid modeling scams? Knowing how the model/talent industry really works is your best protection so learn how to detect and avoid model scams by clicking on the links at above right.

"Thank you for all of the great information on your site. My daughter was approached by a 'Talent Scout' at the local mall, we went in for an interview with the so-called agency they were scouting for it and it all sounded good. But after finding Models Advocate one week later we realized what a big mistake we were making. We are very new to this industry and we are very appreciative of the information you provide on Models Advocate." - Cary M.

"Someone finally got it right. I get asked about model scams at least ten times a day but don't have time for long explanations so being able to refer people to Models Advocate saves me a lot of time."  Adam O. Casting Dir


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